Serenity Festival, SEPTEMBER 14-18, 2023


SomaSanctuary Sound Temple is a safe space to nurture your body, mind and soul with an array of fun, healing and meditative workshop offerings throughout the festival. It is an environment tuned to nurture your relationship to self, other and world. We offer experiences that take you away from the normal and toward curiosity and play, rest and ease. Sessions include sound healing journeys with Tibetan bowls & chanting, fun Giggles & Wiggles play, Authentic Relating, Yin Yoga with Tibetan Bowls, Shadow Dancing, Couple’s Movement Collage, Soma-Speed Dating and a late night SomaSound Dream Journey. Come discover with us!

Through Breathwork, you will learn how to activate the DMT in your bodies in a safe and natural way using a psychedelic Breathwork technique called Ignite. Ignite Breathwork combines NLP techniques, bilateral stimulation, and super ventilation, for a full body experience. This experience will teach you how to build resiliency, release the ego, and train the body and the mind to tap into your own innate wisdom and inner power. Come well hydrated and ideally on an empty stomach. This event is for all people with bodies who breathe. This is a sober event. Plan to enjoy this experience free of all intoxicants, including marijuana and alcohol.

Tapasya: Stoking Your Inner Fire with Cassia
This purifying tapas practice harnesses breath, yogic movement, austerity and self-inquiry to release what has become stagnant and make room for growth and rebirth. The sanskrit word tapasya translates to mean the generation of heat and we will ignite this heat from within. The practice harmonizes the transformative element of fire with sweet cleansing stillness and breath. This practice is open to all. Bring what your body needs for movement and meditation.

Permaculture: Water is Life: Foundations of Land Regeneration with Matt Lawley
When we take the time to connect with our Self we develop the capacity to be more in tune with our inner nature and heal our relationship with the Earth. This class will focus on alignment and release in order to activate energy centers, release stuck emotions and bring awareness back to our hearts. Matt incorporates guitar, singing bowls and mantras into his classes as well as themes around connection to the Earth, ecosystems, elements and nature within us.

Trauma and Stress Release Breathwork with Chansz and Mariusz. We’re excited to introduce Trauma Release Breathwork, a powerful therapeutic practice. With focused breathing, we unlock non-ordinary state of consciousness, delving into hidden emotions within our sympathetic nervous system. This exploration helps release frozen energy, easing daily discomfort, anxiety, and stress, cultivating genuine mental and physical well-being. Join us on this transformative journey!

Come explore a fun way to connect in a conscious and authentic way! We will engage in inspiring conversation while challenging balance and teamwork by practicing coordinated movements. Open to all ages and abilities – we laugh through the challenges. Come alone or bring a partner/friend; bring an open heart and be open to connections. In this playshop, we will have the opportunity to engage with several different partners and also collaborate as a larger group. Somatic sharing is an amazing way to connect with others and build friendships.

Rock’n Raven Yoga: Tap into your joy, rhythm, power and purpose from the call and “Kawwwww” of your wild heart. This edgy, beat-based yoga practice will inspire you to move, let go, let in, and set yourself free. Outta-da-box and out of the cage we fly, yoga style, to a higher view of ourselves and into a deep place in our soul. Yo, get ready to BREATHE folks. Expect beat-based yoga and breathwork and transformational work, AND some fire music. Nicole has been teaching her inspirational-groove offerings for over 20 years, don’t miss this! The whole experience is a full on passion ride. All levels, all styles, all genres of music, all bodies are welcome. This is all-levels and appropriate for beginners and “newbies”.

When we take the time to connect with our Self we develop the capacity to be more in tune with our inner nature and heal our relationship with the Earth. This class will focus on alignment and release in order to activate energy centers, release stuck emotions and bring awareness back to our hearts. Matt incorporates guitar, singing bowls and mantras into his classes as well as themes around connection to the Earth, ecosystems, elements and the nature within us. Yoga and meditation brought Matt to the path of permaculture and regenerative work. His goal is to offer these practices and tools as a way to bring more people into alignment with themselves and Mother Earth. He is trained in Alignment-Based Hatha (500 hours) and Yin Yoga (100 hours).

Learn Qigong Exercises of Falun Gong Meditation with Elaine Whitt. This practice supports a sober and healthy lifestyle. The 5 exercises cultivate the body, and to cultivate the mind and heart, we practice Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance – the 3 principles of Falun Gong. Elaine helps clients heal themselves by finding the reasons behind their states of suffering, finding and releasing attachments causing suffering, and building resilience for the growth and evolution of one’s soul. 

Groove lives inside of the music and body. Also in the body lives the “soul” of movement. Identify and explore the beautifully complex relationships between your body and the music. Embody an understanding of gravity, weight shift, creative isolation work, and music’s limitless potential to affect the body in space in a good way. Expand range of motion; heighten proprioception; stretch the limits of your dancer. All ages and abilities welcome. Shoes optional. Vo Vera has spent the last two decades identifying as a street dancer and multidisciplinary movement artist, having been self-trained on the streets of Arizona and rural Germany. The past 15 years have brought them around the country speaking at conferences, instructing at events and festivals, and competing and performing.

Contact improvisation is one of the most welcoming and friendly (typically) musicless dance forms that you can do. It’s for people of all body types, ages, backgrounds, and athletic ability. We at the Los Angeles jam pride ourselves on being friendly and open to newcomers – we love to see new people falling in love with contact improvisation, and we love beginners’ energy. 

Embracing Your Shadow:Working with Yoga and Emotional Freedom Technique: In this fluid and dynamic session, we will explore the profound benefits of embracing and integrating your shadow self, leading to a deeper sense of self-love, healing from old traumas, and opening your heart to shine more light. Throughout the workshop, we will delve into the powerful practices of breathwork, yoga, EFT and meditation. These modalities will serve as tools to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and personal growth. By embracing your shadow, you will uncover the hidden aspects of yourself that have been repressed or overlooked. We will create a safe and supportive environment where you can explore these shadow elements with compassion and curiosity.

Forrest Yoga with Nicole Landrus. Nicole invites all levels of yogis into her classes. FY is designed for everyone, and accessible to all bodies and all backgrounds. Each class is created to help students connect to their breath and feel into their bodies on a deeper level. Deepening breath awareness helps bring students closer to their authentic selves and spirit. Nicole brings a fun, light hearted energy to her classes. She emphasizes proper alignment to protect the body and loves giving hands on assists to help move energy, heal injuries and trauma, and increase the quality of breath. FY emphasis on holding poses, core work, and helping build stamina. You will increase your strength and stamina, learn to release tension and stress in the body, and deepen your breath, while connecting to body and spirit. The goal of FY is to create a sense of freedom, a deeper connection to spirit, and the courage to be authentic.

New Earth Creation Through Community with George Lantay. Imagine every part of your life’s experience being amazing. Where everything you do and every moment you experience moves you directly towards the best life and the best world you can imagine.
It all starts with your Internal Alchemy, which includes Spirituality — understanding the deepest meaning of life possible — and then with Identity — choosing who you are deciding to be, and finally Mind and Body, the means you use to step into the energy and mindset of that identity using many practices
It then goes out into building your Legacy, which is the grid of all areas of your life brought together in Unity and Harmony. This includes Realization — Knowing what those values are and having insights on how to get to the next level in them, and Actualization — bringing those insights into action, and finally Innovation and Celebration, the necessary activities to create lasting evolution.

If overwhelm is keeping you from moving forward, could it be that you need to experience a new season of your life? Whether you are an empty nest or still have children at home, you still need a personal purpose to get up in the morning. We all deserve to live in the freedom of joy, personal growth and a season for ourselves. Here are the 3 major takeaways from this workshop:
1. Life Evolves As We Speak
2. Our Lives Are Our Medicine
3. Our Health is directly related to Our Success
You may be inspired to navigate to the next season of your life; happier, healthier and with more excitement for the future. You may just need a new perspective from a seasoned Mom who shares from over 25 years of experience. Essential oils will be used during this workshop.

John’s talk includes a custom designed slide presentation and mixing a batch of hempcrete on the stage. In this educational, entertaining and enlightening speech John transforms his audience into true Hempsters. This experience is designed to engage participants in the industrial hemp movement and get them on board in aiding local and worldwide efforts to build healthy homes and safe communities. John Patterson has been a hemp industry professional since 2012. As a thought leader in natural
materials he is involved with research, product development and resource acquisition. He has been researching sustainable living methods since the 1970’s and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in 1987 from Eastern Illinois University specializing in outdoor and earth education.

Robert & Jenny Holmes are starting to develop a plan to donate the Real Estate at Tico Time into a Trust or Foundation that will benefit La Plata and San Juan Counties in perpetuity with funds being allocated to mostly Recovery/Mental Health Wellness areas. However we would need some help from the community in order to do this.  They will also discuss their non-profit: Pura Vida For Good and its current Missions:

Casa Pura Vida – Property Purchase in Negotiation: Establish Recovery Home/Sober Living Facilities in the Four Corners Region

Serenity Ranch – Property Purchase in Negotiation: Establish a peer-support sober living ranch with a wholistic approach to recovery in the Four Corners Region

Eco Villages – Property Search underway: Help individuals and Organizations Establish Eco Villages in the Four Corners Region, which aims to provide housing with a connected community campus model

Welcome to a soothing journey of mindfulness through mandala coloring and meditation. In this activity, we will explore the calming and introspective world of mandalas while nurturing our inner tranquility. Mandala, derived from the Sanskrit word for “circle,” represents unity, wholeness, and balance. Its intricate patterns and symmetrical designs serve as a gateway to inner peace and self-expression. Combining meditation with coloring allows you to visualize positive change, growth, and transformation. Essential oils will be used during this workshop.

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SEPTEMBER 14-17, 2023