Serenity Festival, SEPTEMBER 14-18, 2023


Sound Temple

SomaSanctuary Sound Temple is a safe space to nurture body, mind and spirit. It is an environment tuned to support you as you nurture yourself with relaxing sound journeys and playful, interactive movement experiences curated for you to travel toward curiosity, ease and integration.

Float in pools of sound, release into the ground, giggle & wiggle with delight in sessions that include sound journeys with Tibetan bowls, fun movement play, Authentic Relating, Yin Yoga with Tibetan Bowls, Shadow Dancing, Couple’s Movement Collage, Soma-Speed Dating and a late night SomaSound Dream Journey. Come discover with us!

Fri 10am, Sat 10am, Sun 10 am

Sound Healing Meditation

with Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix

Nourish your body, mind and soul in the healing waves of Tibetan singing bowls and chanting. Bathe in harmonious vibrations of peace and beauty. Dissolve into another dimension – the pure land, the Buddha field — into timelessness and stillness of mind. Tibetan Healing bowls create a very pure sonic resonance that induces a deep inner stillness, mental calm and peaceful feeling. They are a simple but powerful path to inner peace, which is something difficult to find in our busy technological world. Come relax and meditate. The bowls are accompanied by flutes and mantra chanting. Participants may sit or lie down. Bring a blanket or pillow for extra comfort.

Fri 4pm, Sat 3pm, Sun 3pm


with Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix

Come soothe your weary soul: the Sound Temple will be open as a chill space for rest, healing and meditation. Tibetan Healing bowls create a vibrational sanctuary for you to dream, sleep and metamorphize into fantastically beautiful creatures.

Dissolve into another dimension – the pure land, the Buddha field — into timelessness and stillness of mind. The bowls are accompanied by flutes and mantra chanting. Participants may sit or lie down. Bring a blanket or pillow for extra comfort.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 8:30am

Giggle n’ Wiggle Play

with Damian Leuthold

Here we will engage in group movement and touch play, vocalisation, and laughter. Fundamental ways of being that enliven and soften us but surface to rarely. We are meant to be together, made to be expressive, yearn to be in safe, supportive, and bubbly environments. Together we will come alive!

Wear clothing suitable for rolling around in, event will include playful non-sexual shared touch, movement, and vocalisations.t.

11:30 am Saturday

Shadow Dancing
With Damian Leuthold

Experience the nourishing and consciousness altering practice of Shadow Dancing. This blindfolded, slow, low to the ground, non sexual group movement and touch practice will help you rediscover valuable parts of you that are beyond vision, words, or cognition, but not choice, self care, or self awareness.

This practice is sensual but not sexual. Please wear clothing that is not to loose or tight for rolling around on the ground. We do not allow sneakiness or groping. We take the need for emotional and physical safety seriously.

Thu & Sun: 9:30pm / Fri & Sat: 11pm

SomaSound Dream Journey

with Paul Temple’s RadianceMatrix & Damian Leuthold

Come immerse yourself in our late night sound & movement journey into the dream, into safe, relaxing group movement that helps us attune to our inner world while bathing in the mystical sound of Tibetan bowls, flutes and chanting. We will rest into, attend to, and move with our needs. Wear floor-movement friendly clothing. This practice will be restful, safe, sensual and beyond words..

Sunday 2:30 – 3:45 pm

YIN YOGA with Tibetan Bowls
With Gabriella Espinoza & Paul Temple

Soften into this slow, simple and gentle yin yoga session while bathing in the warm radiance of Paul Temple’s Tibetan bowls. A sweet nourishment for body and soul. Please bring a yoga mat.

Sunday 11:30 am

Couples Movement Collage
With Damian Leuthold

In this experiential restorative couples workshop we will guide you in a movement journey where you can establish a sense of shared play, nourishment, and connection. You will be encouraged to find the earth, find yourself, and find your partner. Then you will be invited to explore non-sexual movement and touch like nuzzling, rocking, cradling, pressing, and leaning. If there is time we will continue with exercises to explore some of the movement dynamics underlying your relationship.
This practice might be sensual but will not be sexual. Please wear clothing that is not loose or awkward for rolling around on the ground.

Friday 11:30 AM

SomaSpeed Dating
With Damian Leuthold

Here is a chance to meet others that have space and desire for more and deeper connection in their life. Together we will explore questions like these: Beyond the image and the chatter, what do we experience when we look deep into each other’s eyes? How does it feel when we are close to another? What does it feel like to lean in? How does our playfulness express itself with different people?  *** Please arrive on time!

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20 ROAD 2050 | AZTEC, NM 87410

SEPTEMBER 14-17, 2023