Wellbriety means to be sober and well. This music festival is dedicated to positive mental health, wellness and sobriety, as we aim to be free from drugs and alcohol at this special event at Tico Time Resort. Many of the performers, presenters, staff and participants are sober and/or in recovery. We’d love to invite you to attend and share in this high-vibe community experience with live music of multi genres, inspiring workshops & activities, yoga classes for all levels, original art, several recovery meetings each day, valuable resources for optimal wellness of body, mind and spirit.


Part of Serenity Festival’s overall mission is to serve the Recovery Community by providing support, information, and social interaction in a drug and alcohol-free space. Our hope is to show those early in recovery, that it is possible to have enormous amounts of fun in sobriety. 


A schedule of Meetings, Ceremonies, Workshops, Sobriety Countdown, Guided Meditations, Recovery Yoga, Late Night Gatherings, etc. will be posted before the event on this page, as well as on our social media pages. Various Recovery groups will host 2 or 3 Sobriety Meetings per day on-site in the Magical Forest.


We are striving to be inclusive of all Recovery Paths and Organizations. Most Recovery events are held with a specific Recovery sect for the events Patrons. We are looking to bring all Recovery Communities together to celebrate Unity, Community, and Sobriety together.


The Magical Forest has been designated as the main area for tent campers to camp together as they wish. Various groups may also section off areas of Tamarindo as well. 

Contact us at: serenityfest@gmail.com if you’d like to host a meeting or workshop.

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Drumming Sounds offers a community focused, sober drum circle facilitated by Andrew Ecker and Monica Patton, both in recovery and trained in an evidence-based healing protocol called HealthRHYTHMS.

Drum circles are about more than just drumming; it is about the collective experience, building community, enhancing quality of life through experience and holding space for the individual to explore self through the whole, the community.

We invite you to participate in a sober festival, grounded in wellness, spirituality and community. Join the collective experience with a commitment to sharing this amazing 4-day event free of substance abuse, alcohol, and other non medicinal substances.  

We request your help to intentionally create a SOBER environment for all who attend, and please encourage your friends and family to share in this experience!

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20 ROAD 2050 | AZTEC, NM 87410

SEPTEMBER 14-17, 2023