Serenity Festival, SEPTEMBER 14-18, 2023


Equanimous is a music producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist. He gathers elements from the world around him to create a sound that defies genres, pushes boundaries, and can only accurately be described as a one of a kind heart-expansive experience. His music resonates with a variety of listeners and creates a joyous high vibrational atmosphere on the dance floor. Equanimous up-levels the electronic music experience by playing live djembe / drums, keys, and beatboxing along with his tracks. He’s known for his deep bass, beautiful melodies, live looping, and creative rhythmic beats that take people into a state of euphoric dancing and heart-centered bliss.

“Graham Good is hailed as the Messiah of Modern Rock due to his infectious energy and classic song writing.” -Nick Stock,  Specializing in Feel-Good//Funk-Folk-Rock, this group touches on a plethora of genres that help make them an easy band for any new fan to instantly connect with. The band has played iconic Denver venues such as Red Rocks, The Ogden, The Gothic, and The Bluebird opening up for acts such as Caamp, Andy Frasco, Satsang, and Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers. The Painters are a band of trained musicians who aim to pull the heartstrings of their audiences to step up and live life fully.

Zirgwe is a funkadelic fusion quintet based out of Fort Collins, CO. The band derives influences from artists such as Lettuce, Soulive, Weather Report, Hiatus Kayote, John Scofield, and Phish.

Zach • Guitar | Andrew • Drums
Eric • Bass | Donald • Vox

Paul Temple and Damian Leuthold are installing a Sound Temple and Soma Sanctuary tent, and offering a series of somatic-oriented workshops and sound healing sessions. RadianceMatrix is internationally-acclaimed musician Paul Temple who creates mystical tranmissions of peace and beauty with Tibetan bowls, flutes and mantras. His set of tuned and amplified bowls, along with hypnotic Tibetan throat singing, create harmonious sonic architectures, said to be the ultimate sound-healing concert experience. 

Multidimensional frequencies to cultivate a blossoming heart, mind, body & soul, and pollinate a polyphonic paradigm.

Bloomurian is the electronic music & DJ project of Robin Liepman (Bloom), originally from California, and currently Colorado based. Bloomurian’s sound ranges from Ecstatic Dance, World Bass, Trip-Hop, Glitchy, Psy-Dub, & Trap, to face-melting, heart-opening, and soul-awakening.


Bottlerocket Hurricane is the labor of love of Colleen Murphy, a multi-media artist & songwriter from Denver. She searched for a long time to find a team with the heart, soul & talent to match her musical vision. That is the crew that is BRH. Joined by Don O’Gorman – Bass, Luke Emig -.Percussion, Dan Buller- Lap steel & Dobro, Alex Fostar- Fiddle, and Barbara Javors on vocals
Bottlerocket Hurricane will launch you into auditory airspace.

Christine is an up & coming musician performing live, recording original music and composing music for film. Her music has been critically acclaimed by both local musicians and professionals throughout the world. The breadth of her music crosses all types of genres from pop, country, alternative, to lo-fi and more. She loves all types of music and puts a creative and impressive spin on her covers. Christine’s love and passion for music extends past just performing live. Her original score for the short independent film, “Chords” by Emmy Award winning John Barnhardt, won Best Original Score in both the Moscow Film Fest & the New World Film Festival. Christine wrote and performed music as well as acted in the film. Christine recently contributed to the soundtrack for a documentary surrounding the life and work of Dr. Temple Grandin. The documentary should be released in 2023.

Desert Mind is a band from Santa Fe New Mexico specializing in original music. Their sound is a mix of deep, melodic and rhythmic alternative, rock and americana. Members of the band include Don Redondo whose primary instruments consist of the drums and bass and Antonio Dixon who writes, composes, plays guitar and sings.

With over four hours of original music, Desert Mind has experience performing in a variety of venues and can perform as a full band or as an acoustic set. In the Fall of 2022, they released their first studio debut album called “Out Wait the Time” . Their second album “Flor” was released June 21st, 2023. Both albums were recorded at the Kitchen Sink in Santa Fe NM. They soon will be back in the studio to record their third studio album “Under a Puzzled Sun” which will be released in the Winter of 2023.

Darcy Nelson is a singer-songwriter and guitarist with Americana roots. She moved to Colorado in 2018 and performs acoustic music with a heartfelt ethos throughout the Front Range.

From a young age, Darcy experienced the power of music through performing with church bands and special music arrangements. She recorded a first demo as a teenager and joined a traveling youth choir on a tour of the East Coast, but set music aside until her college years when she discovered a love for the mandolin and for songwriting.

Watch Darcy on this TedX Talk – In this fusion of candid storytelling and song, Darcy Nelson shares music as medicine to console, comfort, and uplift.

The heart of Sasha Stone Band is singer, songwriter, electric guitarist, and frontwoman Sasha Stone. Inspired by ’80s chick rock as a musician coming of age, she developed an affinity for folk music in her adulthood. These two influences are apparent in Sasha Stone Band’s unique identity as an electric folk band. Sasha considers herself a diamond in the rough and encourages her listeners to persevere with resilience through life’s turbulence as she shares vulnerable, image-rich lyrics that detail her personal triumphs over abuse, loss, and poverty. She reminds her fans, “My writing comes from a place of despair at times but in the end, the message is always the same. Just try to hold on. You are not alone. You have got this.”

Accompanied by Blake Miller on lead guitar, Chris Santolla on bass, and Loren Jones on drums, Sasha Stone Band has evolved since its inception in 2015. 

Sedona based singer/songwriter, Damiyr, has been honing his performance skills in the NYC subway system for several years. Mixing his soulful passion and acoustic ability, he brings a unique style to the platform and to the world. He has been seen/heard on America’s Got Talent, Celebrity Undercover Boss, Uproxx: Uncharted, Hot 97 featured by Wu Tang (People Say), The Big Quiet and on YouTube with 11+ million views.

His music has also touched the big screen in cinematic movies and television.

Intertwined in his music is his natural intuitive healing ability to connect people to the heart and create a space to allow the flow of the emotional body.

George Lantay is an Entrepreneur, Transformational Coach, and Evolutionary Artist.

His music revolves around improvisational hip-hop, DJ sets, and guitar music meant to uplift people’s logical and emotional states of being to live more fulfilling lives.

George regularly creates live DJ experiences blending upbeat music with improvisational hip hop, meditation, and dance activations. His style is perfect for Ecstatic Dances, Social Partner Dances, and Conscious Festivals.

Heart Tribe is a Fort Collins, Colorado based singer-songwriter trio dedicated to sharing conscious, uplifting music. The group consists of Stephanie Heart Powers on guitar and lead vocals, Allie Moreau on saxophone and backing vocals, and Simon Cabrera on percussion. Formed in 2017, we share a vision of inspiring others through dynamic and mindful sound vibration that engage the mind, body, and soul. The music of Heart Tribe carries forth compassion for the other, the importance of family, and the need for healing in our world. The band had the pleasure of performing at various music festivals including Project Earth, Arise and Sonic Bloom and currently play in the Northern Colorado area, hoping to expand our area of influence to further our goal and vision.

Tatiana Crespo aka Tati Crespo is a charismatic Costa Rican singer-songwriter, accordion player, and stage performer, who effortlessly blends diverse musical influences to lead people through a captivating and soul-stirring journey in both English and Spanish. Her music explores a myriad of genres, seamlessly fusing elements of pop, folklore, bossa nova, cumbia, gypsy jazz and other rhythms into her compositions.

Her evocative bilingual lyrics and powerful vocal performance connects listeners to her narratives of migration, identity and the relationship between humankind and nature. Her ability to thread raw vulnerability with spontaneous humor into vivid storytelling leaves listeners spellbound and craving more.

Katrina Lilly is a full-Mme music maker, singer/songwriter, performer, recording artist, and vocal coach/teacher specializing in teaching vocal activation, confidence building, songwritng, and the art of singing harmony. Her vocal style and ability is been compared to the stylings/sound of Erykah Badu and Adele. She weaves inspiratonal, authentic lyrics and soulful sounds to create transformational music journeys that evoke emotion in the crowd. Katrina plays keyboard/piano, ukulele, guitar, drum,
and occasionally other instruments.

Makaysha Rain loves opening to the divine in all her forms, especially singing! Residing in Boulder, Colorado, she is a conscious music artist, performer, teacher and kirtan leader.

Makaysha is a conscious music artist passionate about making music that invites participants to chant along. Her Kirtan-fusion songs combine uplifting English lyrics with Sanskrit chanting and world music instruments.

Backed by her full band Comic Mantra featuring sitar, tabla and bass, her music ranges from peacefully serene to heart-centered sing-along to up-on-your-feet, danceable beats. Sing with Makaysha to experience the simple joy of chanting and the power of devotion.

Salamander Collective is a high vibration multi-genre psychedelic jam band, made up of an ever evolving cast of creators & visionaries in service to the present moment.

With a strong emphasis on improvisation, the Salamanders weave musical journeys that transport, transform, and transcend. From soulful soundscapes & heart-felt ballads, to full out epic grooves that lend itself to high-energy dance parties ~ the Salamander Collective is a musical experience like no other!

Singer from birth, here to praise through melody. Vulnerable, honest, heart opening indie-folk songs.

Xina Crystal is a singer-songwriter born in 2002 in Santa Fe New Mexico. She started a metal project in 2021 called “DMT Fetus,” and she is now working on her brand/band called “Phenomena. “Phenomena” is a music project to promote awareness about drug addiction and mental health due to problems in the world today. Words to describe her music are compassion, empathy, and understanding. The genre of music is classified as an alternative indie with depressive, folk, and metal influences.

Moonstruck Melodies is a husband and wife duo of dreamers, inspired by life’s mystical experiences and love in all of its forms. Blending folk-like storytelling, downright honest Southern songwriting, and the sweetly paired companionship of ukulele and guitar – Moonstruck Melodies creates an audible journey through your happy place. Ancestors and spirit animals welcome.
Described most accurately as “Campfire Music,” these two bring an air of magical, warm energy wherever they roam.

With an affinity for music, Chris Murray is creating fluid sounds with his guitar and live looping set up. Playing guitar, bass, piano, percussion and vocals, Chris creates an organic blend of fun, funky, bluegrass, folk and rock music.

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SEPTEMBER 14-17, 2023